5 Reasons Why You Need Whiteboard Video Animation

Whiteboard animation has become progressively more powerful in recent years. That is why marketers aspire to charm viewers with engaging content through short, simple, yet catchy whiteboard animation videos.
As a result, it has become viable to attain potential customers by alluring them with animated characters, audio tracks, and voice-overs.
Let’s be honest, simple animation is the most creative way of delivering brand messages globally. No wonder such videos are a sphere worth exploring for effective marketing motives.
Do you want to know more?
Here in this blog, we have enlisted 5 reasons you need whiteboard video animation. Read, learn, and understand everything about the appealing and fascinating nature of such videos.


1. Simple and Cost-Effective

Without using a complex infographic, whiteboard animation tells your business story without using statistics and mission statements. If you want to attract customers in a B2B market, the whiteboard is ideal for you in clarifying intricate concepts.
For instance, the supply chain of Samsung and Apple is a complex concept. However, such videos use fancy animated characters with a great story that exhibits the specific matter. Rest assured, the outcomes are even more impressive and beyond your expectations.
Check out this Plantcom video for a B2B market and see the way storytelling can transform the messages.
The other thing that compels people in whiteboard videos is cost-effectiveness. The prices of such videos vary and depend on the length and style you choose. So try a fewer resources and save your marketing costs.

2. Whiteboard Animation Videos for Marketing

Have you ever tried whiteboard animation in your marketing strategy? If not, then go ahead and give it a chance! Because you have been missing the treasure!
Since 91 percent of video marketers find videos a crucial part of marketing strategy, there is no harm in giving it a try. The dynamic nature of this kind of animation leaves an enduring impression when posted on the landing and website home page. Nowadays, businesses find it extremely important to spread brand messages across a large audience.



For example, you recently launched a skincare product and need to expand your digital presence. In this case, introducing your business through whiteboard explainer videos will be a smart idea. It will spread your brand message to a large audience and increase user interaction.

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3. Increase the Conversion Rate

Whiteboard videos retain the viewers’ attention by 15 percent than live-action videos. If the videos are highly engaging, most people will likely remember your brand or business idea for a long time. And with a minor glimpse of retargeting, they will follow the call-to-action right away.
These videos delight people by entertaining them, which is one of the main reasons they can hold their audience’s attention for long. Such attention reduces the bounce rate, and your website attains a position in the good books of Google and other search engines. Viewers get to know all of the information with a call to action at the end of the video.

4. Easier Distribution Process

The distribution process of whiteboard animation is incredibly simple and easy. These types of videos are uploaded on a variety of different platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. Be it educational, or content marketing videos, both are easily shareable to reach a maximum number of audiences.
You can send video links to your customers’ emails to increase email open rates and stay in touch with clients and prospects. The entire world can take part in your company and the video can work its magic every hour of every day.

Reaching your audience has never been this easy, right? What’s your say about this? You can read more about How Whiteboard Animation Elevates Your Brand’s Narrative.

5. Boosts Search Engine Ranking

Your customers are more likely to find your business only if you are ranking higher in the search engine. Try to search for effective keywords and titles before producing a whiteboard animation video. Then, proceed further according to the script, add fancy characters, and voice-over with the right tone.



Once you follow all these steps carefully, complete the uploading of your video on YouTube and apply Search Engine Optimization (SEO) similar to that of the website. The video’s content (metadata, title, and keywords) along with SEO helps to boost your search engine ranking. This way, your whiteboard can even go viral on different social media platforms.


Use Whiteboard Animation Videos to Add Extra Flair of Creativity in Your Marketing Campaigns!

Whiteboard animation is the perfect solution to showcase your products and services to the target audience. It is interesting to witness how simple, clear, and understandable whiteboard videos are when delivering brands’ messages globally.
That is what makes them so distinctive. Right?
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