Whiteboard animation is a video style to deliver ideas and concepts of a product or service for selling. It is the perfect way to start integrating video into your marketing strategy. In fact,94% of marketers believe videos are helpful for consumers in understanding products and services. 

Whiteboard videos are simple hand drawings that leave a lasting impact and engage the viewers with memorable content. Using such videos on websites, social media accounts, or email newsletters help with customer attention and retention. Whiteboard animation services have indeed become a vital part of marketing and promotions.

To know more, here is a whiteboard animation services guide for you. Follow up and let people see your creativity!


Whiteboard Animation in Marketing Campaigns

Whiteboard animations are in demand for all the good reasons. In general, firms use them to sell and to build an effective relationship with the audience. 

Such motions persuade the viewers on emotional and logical levels. For example, understanding the manufacturing of automotive engines is not easy to grasp, even if it’s in your native language, for instance, German. It is due to the complexity of the information. Here, a whiteboard explainer video can be your ideal solution. 

Before you think of marketing your products on landing pages, we recommend contacting a good whiteboard animation services. The experts there can help brainstorm ideas to make your campaigns viable on a limited budget. You can deliver content messages that help brand your business. Here’s an example of a simple yet effective whiteboard animation services to take inspiration from. 


Why Is Whiteboard Animation Effective? 

Whiteboard animation has proven to be a practical communication tool over the years. Here are some of the reasons to consider them: 

  • It is the perfect tool for internet marketing that attracts people of all ages and genders. 
  • Appealing to stories and visuals makes the audience understand the brand’s message effectively. 
  • Whiteboard videos can go viral on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It increases the likes and the share ratio of a particular video.  
  • The length of a video is short yet alluring enough to engage customers. 
  • It is cost-effective and one of the best ways to gain customer conversion and retention. 


Follow 3 Steps That Make Your Whiteboard Impressive!

Here are three simple steps to follow before communicating through whiteboard animation. 

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1. Create a Script and Storyboard for your Video

The first step is always a creative script as per your business. It should be simple but powerful to capture the viewers’ attention from the start to the end. Try making complex and dull ideas fascinating by adding facts, figures, statistics, and characters. It can be quite intriguing, especially when introducing a new product. 

Always remember not to begin your whiteboard without scripts, as it offers the proper format (beginning, middle, and end). No doubt, a perfect script is the backbone of whiteboard animation services. 

2. Make Compelling Characters 

Before making an animation, think about making fancy characters. Whiteboard animation can flaunt storytelling. If you messed up with the storyline and characters, don’t expect your audience to stick to your clip. At this point, try to add customer personas and perfectly represent your target audience. 

It will help you make your video according to the interests and preferences of your audience. Also, you can add a personal touch to the animated characters and make them more engaging and memorable. 

3. Time Your Whiteboard Animation Video 

The timing of your animation is incredibly essential; it is where all the magic happens. The icons, shapes, and characters should align with the voice-over. It is how actions overlap and secondary objects follow the main action. 

If timings are off, slow, too long, fast, and non-linear, it will not give a realistic look to your video. Following these minute details can bring life to the whiteboard animation services. Otherwise, the entire content becomes bland. Therefore, getting at the right timings from the start is crucial to show the right emotion of the characters in animation. 


How to Market and Promote Whiteboard Animation?

For marketing and promotion of your whiteboard animation, videos, publish your video on different social media platforms. Remember, while uploading your video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, optimize them accordingly. By doing this, you can track the growth and success of your business to a whole new level. 

Also, upload your whiteboard video on the top of your website homepage for visibility and transparency. Use catchy headlines and key messages to get the viewer’s constant attention. 


Convey your Marketing Messages Effectively with Whiteboard Animation Services!

Nowadays, whiteboard animation services are a convenient option to boost sales and retain customers. If you want to thrive in the existing marketplace, contact Scribe Bunny to get access to all types of whiteboard animation videos. 

Give a call at +1 917 310 3784 and share your marketing ideas. You will be delighted with the delivered project outcomes. Give yourselves smart ways when dealing with marketing campaigns and boost your brand awareness! 

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