Tips & Tricks to Make Your Whiteboard Animation Perfect

Video marketing is now widely regarded as a powerful tool for digital marketers. Since 54 percent of people prefer watching video content, you keep them engaged with such animated motions. And that’s exactly when you need a Whiteboard animator!

Today, due to the high competition among businesses, whiteboard animation has become the most prevalent type of video marketing solution. When creating these videos, whiteboard animators display your brand in front of the target audience to captivate their attention.

As per Forbes Magazine, whiteboard videos are an excellent way to illustrate your business, products, or services for the following four reasons:

  • These videos are simple and easy.
  • It is a cost-effective option for marketing.
  • Whiteboard animation videos are effective.
  • Provide better chances of going viral on social media platforms.

After knowing the above points, do you want to create a perfect whiteboard animation too? Let’s uncover some tips and tricks that help make these videos unique and compelling.


1. Keep it Short and Simple

While creating a whiteboard video, keep the length short and the message simple to deliver the main idea of your brand/business. You can do wonders with complex ideas.

For example, you want to guide the viewers about the supply of the freshest food to the market. The topic isn’t easy to grasp, but your simplicity and precision in a video can engage your viewers from the beginning to the end.

Also, add an element of curiosity (hook) at the start of your video. For example, “Do you know there are six ways Whiteboard Animation Elevates Your Brand’s Narrative?” Later, structure the brand’s core message and finally place a CTA at the end. Be conversational, and keep your videos aesthetically alluring to watch.

2. Deliver a Story instead of a Sales Pitch

You should know that animated videos should not sound salesy or a typical sales pitch. You can add the message later in the call-to-action (CTA) but never use it in the beginning, even when creating product-selling videos.

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The entire focus should be on the solution, narrated through storytelling, rather than just referring to specific characteristics. 76 percent of businesses claim that videos benefited them to boost sales.

So believe it or not, storytelling is the most impressive marketing weapon that allows you to be creative and unique.

3. Use the Power of Emotions and Expressions

Always try to use emotions and expressions in your whiteboard animated characters. Emotions evoke feelings of sadness and happiness that viewers can easily relate to.

Have you ever noticed the perfect expression of Wall-E (animated movie) when the character is sad or scared, and the eyebrows drop slightly? Isn’t that amazing?

It is how the animators add subtle human expressions and create a deeper sense of empathy with the characters. Practice using different gestures. See what works to communicate the message to the audience. Check out this video to understand the use of expressions.

4. Focus on Quality

Any Whiteboard marketing video is the most effective way to propagate your brand’s messages to the world. It reflects your company’s interests, goals, and objectives; thus, it must be excellent in visual and audio (voice-over) quality.

First, focus on brightness, find shady areas, and add softer light wherever needed. Secondly, use a clean background instead of applying messy themes and bright colors. We recommend you watch Kesco Logistic Video to better understand background selection.

Third, the video should resemble a hand-drawn illustration created with a magic marker, and it should move consistently step by step.

5. Hiring Right Animation Video Company

Hiring a proficient animation video company is the most crucial step if you are not a whiteboard animator. Your videos must be exceptional enough to entice the audience among the competitors.

So, take your time and find an ideal animation production company, such as Scribe Bunny. Make sure it has creative video creators, streamlined to understand your customers and competitors. By knowing these factors beforehand, you can make your investment worth it.

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Whiteboard videos are a perfect marketing solution to deliver information in a time with creativity, leading to customer engagement. Unfortunately, not all videos attract users to the solutions you offer. As most businesses use whiteboard animation, it has become challenging to stand out.

If you are a whiteboard animator, try to use tips and tricks as mentioned in this blog to make your videos flawless. You can also contact Scribe Bunny to help create whiteboard videos with stunning effects and mesmerizing concepts. Get on the line with us today at +1 917 310 3784 and achieve high brand value.

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